Curriculum Vitae

Education and Training

upc rennes1

European PhD in Signal processing and Telecommunications and in Biomedical engineering

Laboratoire du Traitement du Signal et de l’Image (LTSI), Université de Rennes 1
Centre de Recerca en Enginyeria Biomèdica (CREB), Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – Barcelona Tech
Analysis of the electrocardiographic response to the modulation of the autonomic nervous system in patients with Brugada syndrome

Treatment and modeling methods applied to electrocardiographic signals in order to better characterize symptomatic and asymptomatic patients with Brugada syndrome, improve the selection of patients for defibrillator implantation, and in the medium term, propose new algorithms to optimize the treatment of patients with implanted defibrillators or for remote monitoring these patients.
October 2014 – November 2017

upc ub

MSc in Biomedical engineering

Universitat de Barcelona
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – Barcelona Tech

Biomedical Engineering focuses on solving specific engineering problems that arise in the field of biology and medicine. This master provides scientific, technical and practical skills, suitable for the basic disciplines of medicine, allowing the posterior development of professional careers in the field of industry, health, research, development and innovation.
September 2012 – July 2014

Master’s Thesis in Image processing

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago (USA)
Channelized Hotelling Observer Optimization for Medical Image Quality Assessment in Lesion Detection Tasks

An alternative increasingly used in the evaluation of medical image quality are the Numerical Observers, mathematical methods that estimate the human behavior in the detection of lesions in medical images. In this manuscript the Channelized Hotelling Observer was studied, using different channels and internal noise models, optimizing its estimation of the human decisions.
February 2011 – July 2011


MSc and Bsc in Telecommunication engineering

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – Barcelona Tech

Engineering discipline that brings together electrical engineering with computer science to enhance telecommunication systems. It ranges from basic circuit design to strategic mass developments. A telecommunication engineer is responsible for designing and overseeing the installation of telecommunications equipment and facilities, such as complex electronic switching systems, copper wire telephone facilities, and fiber optics.
September 2006 – July 2011

Work Experience

Postdoctoral researcher

Biomedical signal processing and interpretation – Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC)
Characterization of chronic respiratory diseases through the development and validation of novel signal-processing and model-based approaches for personalized medicine.
October 2018 – nowadays


Postdoctoral researcher

Laboratoire Traitement du Signal et de l’Image (LTSI) – Université de Rennes 1
Signal processing for the optimization of leadless pacing systems. Project in partnership with Cairdac.
November 2017 – September 2018

Biomedical engineer

Arrhythmia unit – Hospital Clínic de Barcelona
Assistive. Support in the operating room during operations of radiofrequency ablation, cryoablation and electrophysiological studies of cardiac arrhythmias, using x-ray equipment, polygraphs, stimulators and 3D navigators (CARTO and NAVx systems).

Research. Tissue characterization in order to predict cardiac arrhythmias and their association to complications; and in order to guide ablation procedures. Cardiac signal processing from holter recordings for finding predictors of arrhythmic events. Data collection during procedures and statistical analysis in different research protocols.
July 2013 – September 2014

Researcher assistant

R&D eHealth – Barcelona Digital Centre Tecnològic
Development of the ontology created in the project “Rehabilita: disruptive technologies for the rehabilitation of the future”.
September 2012 – June 2013

Head of CSR and digital media

Realization of the corporate website, introduction and maintenance of social networks and Internet advertising. Creation and management of the social work “Everyone deserves a book”.
December 2011 – September 2012

associó esportiva sant andreu

Artistic roller skating trainer

Associació Esportiva Sant Andreu
September 2006 – December 2010

Teaching Experience

Advanced biomedical signal processing

Universidad Internacional de Valencia
Professor – Master in Biomedical engineering.
September 2018 – nowadays

Data type and life cycle

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Teacher assistant – Master in Data Science.
September 2017 – nowadays


ISTIC – Université de Rennes 1
Teacher assistant – Electronics, Electrical engineering and automation.
October – december 2017


ISTIC – Université de Rennes 1
Teacher assistant – Master in Electronics and Telecommunications.
September – october 2017

Signal processing

ISTIC – Université de Rennes 1
Teacher assistant – Master in Electronics and Telecommunications.
March 2017

Dynamic web

IUT Saint-Malo – Université de Rennes 1
Teacher assistant – DUT in Networks and Telecommunications.
March – June 2017

Informatics II

IUT Rennes – Université de Rennes 1
Teacher assistant – DUT in Electric engineering and Industrial informatics.
February 2017

Introduction to Embedded Programming

IUT Rennes – Université de Rennes 1
Teacher assistant – DUT in Electric engineering and Industrial informatics.
November 2016 – January 2017

Infinitesimal calculus

Epsilon Formación
Academy teacher – Telecommunications Engineering.
February – June 2010



Spanish and Catalan

Native speaker


Level C2
Certificate of Proficiency in English – Cambridge (June 2012)
Kaplan International and Lakeview Learning Center (Chicago, USA; March – July 2011)


Level C2
Acadèmia Te-Sis (Barcelona, Spain; June – September 2014)
Centre International Rennais d’Études de Français pour Étrangers (Rennes, France; February 2015 – May 2016)


Level A1
Acadèmia Avanç (Barcelona, Spain; October – June 2013)

Other Information


Master in Business Administration (MBA) Online

EAE Business School
Managerial training program to reach positions of responsibility in companies and institutions.
April 2018 – nowadays

Reviewer international scientific journals

Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing (MBEC)
Innovation and Research in BioMedical engineering (IRBM)
July 2018 – nowadays

Qualification aux fonctions de maître de conférences

Ministère de lʼEnseignement supérieur, de la Recherche et de lʼInnovation (France)
Qualification for teaching positions in public universities and research institutions, in France.
March 2018

Premi Equit@t 2018

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya; Barcelona (Spain)
Jury member for the Equit@t award 2018.
April 2018

Computing in Cardiology 2017

LTSI – INSERM U1099, Rennes (France)
Staff member in the organization of the international congress Computing in Cardiology.
September 2017

STAFF meeting 2017

Hotel Mercure Saint-Malo Balmorail (France)
Oral presentation at the workshop STAFF meeting.
September 2017

Summer School in Signal and image processing

Probabilistic models and inference in signals and images; Peyresq (France)
Probabilistic signal and image modeling, bayesian inference, supervised and unsupervised parametric classification, bayesian approaches in big data, optimization and simulation for imagery and nonparametric bayesian approaches.
July 2016

Summer School in Physics

Instituto Superior Técnico; Lisbon (Portugal)
Promoted by the Board of European Students of Technology, for university students in technical degrees from all over Europe.
August 2009

Elite athlete

Artistic roller skating
Seven gold medals in the Spanish Championship, winner of the European Cup and third position in the World Championship.
September 1994 – December 2011


Africa, Stop Malaria
Program for the prevention of the malaria through the distribution of mosquito nets in the Gambia and Senegal.
November 2016

Secours Populaire Français
Collaboration in food distribution in order to meet the basic human needs of individuals and families whose lives have been disrupted by unplanned events such as a domestic crisis, fire, unemployment, relocation or who for any reason are in need of emergency provisions.
June – July 2015

Obra social Comgrafic
Management of the social work “Everyone deserves a book”, consisting in the collection and distribution of used books to different NGOs with the aim of making them reach those who need them.
January 2012- nowadays

YMCA Barcelona
Program for the social promotion of the woman through the learning of Spanish and Catalan and seminars about work orientation and healthy habits.
October – December 2011